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Music is our passion. It pushes and pulls us to create sounds and environments. Music, like ocean waves carry vibrations in and out to create harmony. We seek to share our perspective with all. The ebb + flow created will bring together people of all kinds for music that is innovative, intelligent,

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Our vision is to create gatherings and events dedicated to our love of dance music, art, culture, self-expression and our community.




Crediting his Ghanaian roots as the soul of his music style, Nii Tei has rapidly become one of Miami’s most beloved DJs, thanks in great part to his knack for hooking an audience. A music lover all his life, he brings his passion to his sets as well as his broad palette of influences and sounds, creating deep sonic landscapes complete with peaks and valleys.

More than being an eclectic music selector, Nii Tei’s craft consists on building an environment. Shifting styles unexpectedly, he knows how to keep a dancefloor on their toes and his careful curating makes sure there´s something for everyone to love in his sessions. With residencies in clubs like Do Not Sit On The Furniture, and all night sets in NYC as well as in his home-base, his mixing skills take you to a place that feels similar to being on a beach of a remote island, caressed by a cold, soft breeze while listening to drums under the black sky.

The foundation of Nii Tei’s style is composed of the deep, dark, bass grooves of minimal techno, kissed by delicate, beautiful melodies and the playful percussion rhythms of afro house. His sound is a refreshing, unique blend that brings cultures together, both theoretically and practically. A rich tapestry that he builds bit by bit, carefully progressing until we become awash with bliss. 

Latest Appearances: 

Club Space, Miami, FL | Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Miami, FL | The Electric Pickle, Miami, FL | The Ground, Miami, FL | Floyd Nightclub, Miami, FL | MicroTeatro, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | The Well, Brooklyn, NY | Hush Nightclub, Jobos, Puerto Rico | Broken Shaker, Miami, FL | Vinyl, Orlando, FL | Sandwich Bar, Orlando, FL | Celine, Orlando, FL | The Standard, Tallahassee, FL | Treehouse, Miami, FL | 1306, Miami, FL | Industry, Puerto Rico Amaya, NY | Bogart House, NY | Make Believe, NY



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