ebb + flow

Music is our passion. It pushes and pulls us to create sounds and environments. Music, like ocean waves carry vibrations in and out to create harmony. We seek to share our perspective with all. The ebb + flow created will bring together people of all kinds for music that is innovative, intelligent,

Brooklyn, NY

(646) 703-1034

Our vision is to create gatherings and events dedicated to our love of dance music, art, culture, self-expression and our community.

Music is our passion - the heart and soul of ebb + flow. It pushes and pulls, moving us to its rhythms and vibrations. It creates sounds, environments, and a community that includes one and all. The ebb + flow of music brings together diverse people and perspectives in an expressive and harmonious unity. This is what we seek to build and share - join us in the ebb + flow journey!

PRK039 LUNAR MONTH, PRK034 OSLO, CF024 GIANTS EP & ARC106 SUBLIME SUBCULTURE available for purchase at Beatport!

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