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Music is our passion. It pushes and pulls us to create sounds and environments. Music, like ocean waves carry vibrations in and out to create harmony. We seek to share our perspective with all. The ebb + flow created will bring together people of all kinds for music that is innovative, intelligent,

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Our vision is to create gatherings and events dedicated to our love of dance music, art, culture, self-expression and our community.

ebb + flow's Spring has sprung


As springtime comes to an end we have so much excitement and gratitude to our community. First and foremost we would like to thank all of YOU for coming and dancing with us at our last 3 gatherings. We can't even tell you how pleased we were to see how our family and community has grown into. Most importantly we are always highly appreciative of all your support that we are determined to always bring you the greatest vibes and the best beats from the most talented artists.

Our spring season started solid with our Easter gathering at Paper Box.  We brought in a couple of artists  from the west coast: Tara Brooks (Subtract/Desert Hearts) and NIKITA ( Listed/Endup). NIKITA gave us a fun, playful, groovy set even dropping some vinyl. Tara Brooks delivered an intricate, deep techy set with an interesting flair of melodic sounds. Supporting the guest headliners we also curated quite a few local talents such as Illich Mujica, Luis Campos and Guillaume Atlantis (a new addition in our ebb+flow artists) who set the crowd on fire in our disco ball and laser-decked side room. Our artist Annesta and residents Iman Rizky and Gavin Stephenson started and finish the night properly. Check out images and video below to recap that night.

Last month we started back  at Good Room with some killer beats...  The guest headliner was Jay Tripwire (Superfreq) the veteran  producer and DJ  played a solid deep old school set. We had a variety of local talented artists played in the side room as well. The side room was a pumping party on it’s own right pushing the entire venue along with great music and vibes. Local artists Shadi, Alka Rex, Connie Yin and Matias Jofre swept everyone into ecstasy with the funky, groovy, highly energetic techno.  Music was simply off-the-hook all night. 

The last gathering we had was Sunset Debauchery, our annual fun day into night boat party. Despite the rain and the thunderstorms we packed beautiful people on the boat to come out and dance away. It was an epic 4-hour cruise saturated with amazing beats. Butane, who was our headliner, kept us in high energy by throwing down a killer techno set.  ebb + flow Justin Marchacos once again, gave such a GRAND set that drove the crowd into a frenzy.  Dropping fresh tracks out of the studio Justin swept us off of our dancing feet. Residents Iman and Gavin warmed us up with sexy groovy beats commencing the thunderstorm party. What started as a stormy boat ride turned out to be the most beautiful, energetic rain dance fiesta. We were so thrilled to had been able to bring smiles and great vibes for everyone. We wanted to thank everyone who came out and made it perfect for us.  

We will be back at Good Room this Saturday, June 13th!  Ray Zuniga and Loud Neighbor are ready to blow your mind in the main room alongside residents Gavin Stephenson and Iman Rizky.  An eclectic mix of NY-based DJs will hold it down in the Bad Room: Chris Sanabria from DKDS, Steven Letigre, Christian Alexander, and our own Paula Pedroza.  A special collaboration with Globalmixx TV will enable a live video and audio stream to be viewed and heard online as our event takes place and the night progresses!  Tell everyone afar to tune in to you rockin' out to some of the best underground talent in NYC! ;)

There is so much love and great beats coming your way. Stay tuned for details on our summer gatherings. Love OutLoud....

the ebb + flow family

Bad Room on 5:9/15

Bad Room on 5:9/15




Jay Tripwire at the Good Room

Jay Tripwire at the Good Room

Sumsel Debauchery 05/31/15

Sumsel Debauchery 05/31/15


ebb + flow 2015 Winter Highlights

Winter greetings from the ebb + flow headquarters! We hope you are having a marvelous 2015 so far. In the blink of an eye the cold winter months are passing us by. That said we want to recap what we did to keep your dancing toes happy earlier this month and last. Hopefully after reading this article those of you who missed our last gathering will not miss our next one! Early last month we were back at Good Room for our first gathering this year. It was a phenomenal night to say the least! Once again we delivered an array of excellent music to the community.

Our guest artist was Hoj,  (Listed/All Day I Dream) came all the way from the west coast. Hoj turned the dance floor upside down by delivering a steady,  groovy set. He consistently infused the crowd with his smooth sound. Our rising artist Justin Marchacos, who played  the Cityfox New Year's Eve party, set the crowd on fire during his live set as well. Justin's grand sound took over the room in a rambunctious frenzy. As always our residents Iman Rizky and Gavin Stephenson began and ended the night sweetly with their funky sets. Click here to watch the video.

The most exciting update we had this month was the launch of our very first Sunday Reboot! Sunday Reboot is an afternoon of recharging, soul-rejuvenating and senses-reawakening session showcasing our family of artists and talents. We had such a great time on our first Sunday Reboot session and were very thrilled to present the beautiful sounds of our artists. Our local guest, Cylo and Noble from WTF New York also delivered great beats that kept the vibe amazing. We can say that even the blizzard could not stop our dancing feet from moving!

In closing we want to express our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who participated and came out to the last gatherings. The awesome vibe and energy would not be the way it was if it weren't for your presence. The ebb + flow family is always committed to deliver the best sounds to your ears and to keep your dancing toes moving with the beats. Just because everyone deserves it!  Love OutLoud....

ebb + flow's 2014 Holidays Festivities


Happy holidays from the ebb + flow family! 'Tis indeed the season to be jolly. We have had the pleasure to bring beats into your soul through our last holiday festivities. As always here is the recap of what went on this month.

The most exciting part was that we found a new home in Brooklyn. We hosted our first party at Good Room, which is NYC's newest dance club -  a beautiful new space in the heart of Greenpoint. The setup of the new venue is perfect for our new home . 

Mateo (from Autobrent), Daniel Cowel (from Zero), and Mike Khoury (Listed) each brought it right to the dance floor. Mateo's deep yet steady groove was a perfect opening act to Mike Khoury's funky and melodic set. Daniel Cowel finished off in the morning with a solid tech-sexy sound that kept the crowd going. We could not have a better night jamming with everyone who came. Also just like our previous gathering we contributed a percentage of our profit to Parties4Peace in support of our community.


A week after our epic night at Good Room we were back in the lower east side of Manhattan to bring more ebb + flow goodness to your ears. In the giving spirit of the holidays we brought our first Toys for Tots event  to the community. Held at Open House, a vintage yet contemporarily charming lounge in LES, Toys for Tots was a toy drive coordinated by the US Marine Corps to deliver Christmas joy to less fortunate youngsters in the community.
We gave great music to dance to in exchange for some toys. We are so happy to have been able to collect 3  huge boxes of toys. They were collected by a couple of local marines and delivered to the kids with no delay. We want to thank you so much for those who made it out, donated some toys and dance with us.

On that note we are so pleased to announce that Toys for Tots marked the beginning of our monthly Sunday intimate groove sessions. One of the things we are so excited about for 2015 is having additional ebb + flow installments for our community. Why? Because our family is growing. Because we love art and music. Most importantly, because we love all of YOU.

We embrace musically-talented artists in our community. We're so proud of our talented artists:  Justin Marchacos,  VCyborg George Carol FerrazEiwe & Annesta along with residents Gavin Stephenson and Iman Rizky. You will be seeing more of them on our next gatherings in the New Year. Don't worry if you can't wait that long - you can see Justin Marchacos showcasing his LIVE set this New Year's Eve at Cityfox Experience : Studio Av 2015 produced by our friends at Cityfox NY. Hope to see you on the dance floor soon! Love OutLoud!

ebb + flow One Year Anniversary Party with Naveen G and Jay Hill

Happy fall 2014! We can't believe that it has been 1 full year since we started warming up the dance floor with groovy beats. After an extended hiatus ebb+flow is officially back! This past weekend we brought back great beats and awesome energy to the lower Manhattan!

We were honored to have Naveen G back with us as one of our headliners. He delivered a fun and energetic set that tore the dance floor apart once again. On top of it all we were mostly excited that he celebrated his birthday with us.

Jay Hill pumped the crowd up by playing a funky and dreamy mix. Her set was a nice build of energy for Naveen's. This was the first time she played for us and definitely was not the last! Our residents Gavin Stephenson and Iman Rizky started and ended the party really sweet! Gavin's opening set was funky and groovy. Iman also was on fire closing the party in throwing out some sexy and dreamy beats.

We have so much excitement and are so happy to be back! There are so many things to look forward to with our growing family and artists. Among the few things in our pipeline we are excited to announce our support for Parties4Peace (P4P)P4P is a non-profit event production and fundraising organization that hosts art and music projects to support global initiatives focused on education, sustainability, equality, and disaster relief.  There are a few more goodness coming from us to you this holiday season! Stay tuned for the updates!

Love OutLoud,
The ebb+flow family

"Sunset Debauchery" Boat Party with Luca Bacchetti and Mark Slee

Happy summertime from the ebb+flow team! Aren't we glad for the rise of  the temperature and longer days? We had to celebrate all the summer love with you and so with that we launched a summer season opener boat party last weekend.

We joined forces with TBA Brooklyn to make this happen. We brought Mark Slee (Listed) and Luca Bacchetti (Crosstown Rebels/All Day I Dream/Culprit)  on board. We wanted to give EARgasms and get you to groove away with the sunset.  The artists delivered a variety of uplifting beats. From funky techno to soulful deep house  - the music was on point and so was the crowd! 

Perfect weather, great music, breathtaking views and awesome energy on board...we really could not ask for a better moment!  We had a fantastic time celebrating the beginning of the summer with all of you and hope you felt the same way.  We can assure you there will be more summer outdoor gatherings soon so stay tuned! Always check our FB fan page, Twitter and Instagram for updates! Love OutLoud....

Click here to see some photos from the boat party

Ciick here to see more photos from the boat party

ebb + flow Spring Gatherings Recap

Greetings from the ebb+flow team! For many who missed our fun  events last spring, here's a quick recap from both parties.

We started springtime fresh last March  by throwing down some magical beats from talented local artists Michael Christopher (Cityfox), Seth Hosko (Playdate) and Keirnyn (PEX).  The Nordic "Viking Voyage" theme set off the night off to a great start.  The awesome video-mapping visuals along with some deep, groovy and sexy beats brought some magic  to the dance floor.

There was so much luminosity in April with "ebb+glow". It was our first (but definitely not last!) glow party. We had Jon Charnis (Innervisions/Supernature/No.19/All Day I Dream) and Opencloud (Proton Ltd/Waveform Recordings) as our guest artists who delivered amazing deep and dreamy sets.  The venue was transformed to a glowy, hynotic space under black UV lights. It was a night full of art, beats, love and glow!

Please check out the links below for photos and videos from our magical Spring gatherings! Love OutLoud...

Click here to see photos from 03/22/14 Viking Voyage event
Click here to see photos from 04/19/14 Ebb+Glow event

ebb + flow 02-22-14 featuring ATAXIA and Kellam

Greetings from the ebb+flow team. As we are now transitioning to warmer months (hopefully) let's quickly recap our last mid-winter gathering. For those of you  who made it out last weekend we can't thank you enough for giving us your awesome energy and vibe to the dance floor. The gathering would not be as magical as it was if it were not for you. For our friends and family who had missed it here's a little flashback from that night. 

Our resident Iman Rizky's smooth opening set was far from ordinary. Slowly he raised the vibration on the dance floor by throwing down some sassy eclectic beats that started moving the crowd. Iman was definitely getting the crowd ready for Kelly Kellam. 

Kelly Kellam is one big energy ball. He always has been a fixture in the NYC underground dance music scene as a DJ and producer. We all loved his high energy as well as his deep melodic set. His set definitely pumped up the crowd to take over the dance floor.

All the way from Detroit our headliner Ted Krisko of ATAXIA kept the crowd going by presenting different dynamic beats. From playing deep to slightly progressive he made sure to keep our dancing feet busy. He was thrilled to play at our gathering since it was his first time playing in Manhattan. He brought an awesome vibe overall to our gathering!

Gavin, our resident, definitely closed the party with a bang! Playing groovy, funky and upbeat set he turned the dance floor into a real fun and energetic stomping ground for everyone. His set was so much fun to dance to and it was definitely a sweet treat to end the night with. 

Last but not least, we want to acknowledge our visual mapping artist,  ebb+flow's own Eiwe Lingefors for the amazing work that only made our gathering even more memorable. We  also thank our  friends and everyone in the ebb+flow deco team who put their heads together in producing this great gathering.  Please check out the video below from that night. You can also watch other videos from all our parties on our YouTube channel ebbnflow.   We  have exciting plans for the spring and summertime so stay tuned. Meanwhile, we shall see you soon. March 22nd, 2013. Save that date. Much love and gratitude, 

The ebb+flow family

ebb + flow's January 2014 "Journey to Southeast Asia" Night

Happy 2014 everyone. Theebb+flow team sure hope that you had a fantastic start of the new year and are settling in as we deal with the extremely low temperatures in the past few days.  Regardless of the cold last week team ebb+flow successfully brought hot dance beats to Manhattan's lower east side again. 

On the past MLK Holiday weekend, Chrystie 141 was once again packed by dance music lovers. This time Southeast Asian inspired deco and art came about beautifully along with groovy beats from Naveen GYentalbeats and Sonny H.

Naveen G got the crowd to fill up the dance floor with ease by dropping some funky and intelligent beats. Yentalbeats continued the energy by delivering more eclectic sounds to the dance music heads. Our guest from the west coast Sonny H pumped us up with some groovy tunes. Combined with the sexy, refreshing sounds of our residents Iman RizkyGavin and Carol Ferraz we MOVED the Lower East Side. Cheers to a great year and we will be back to give you more next month.  Love OutLoud, Team ebb+flow ...

To recap "Journey to Southeast Asia"  watch our video below:

ebb + flow presents Holosound, Lovecraft and Guillaume Clave


Last weekend brought the early start of winter (sure felt like it at least!) and team ebb+flow heated the dance floor of Chrystie 141. With an amazing DJ lineup and sound system our second event was definitely a BANG! If you had missed it here's a highlight from that night.

Our own resident Gavin started up smoothly and warmed up the dance floor just in time. The first headliner, Disorient's  Guillaume Clave, went groovy and rightfully deep. That was the sweet start of the awesome night.

Our other resident Iman Rizky pumped up the groove by dropping more sexy beats. This definitely was the beginning of the dance floor's conversion into a stomping ground. The visuals that were displayed through the projector enhanced the crisp of the beats in no time.

The main headliner, Holosound (Pulse Radio) returned from the Playa with an amazing Robot Heart debut. He gave us multiple ear-gasm by presenting an edgier, up-tempo fused with high-energy electro elements in his set. Now we really had a bunch of dance music heads in a crowded dance floor. The last headliner, Lovecraft (No.19) carried on the great energy by throwing more upbeat sexy sounds. The dance floor remained full as he brought the epic night into closing. 

Good things do end. The ebb+flow team, though, believes that great things repeat. Therefore make sure you save the date for our next event which will be on January 18th, 2014. There will be amazing vibe, beats and more arts. For those who missed us last time here's a video from that epic night. Our gratitude to all of you who attended. Our night would not be nearly as great if it were not for all of you who came by and brought your great energy. We wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving. Cheers!

ebb + flow Launch Event

Happy autumn 2013. It is definitely a great season to launch something new. This month our journey begins. Our passion in dance music resulted in our  first gathering that took place at Bobby's in lower east side. 

We thank you for coming, bringing the good vibes and supporting us. The headliner Corey Baker heated the dance floor with some sexy beats and got us grooving. Stadenco, the second headliner, sealed the night sweetly with some funky and energetic beats as well. The ebb+flow residents/founders, Iman Rizky and Gavin, had of course started the night fresh and got us pumped up for some dance music action.


Overall we had an amazing time and can't wait for you to join us on our next gathering. We promise nothing else but more sweetness and we welcome your suggestions and inputs for our future events. If you haven't already, please LIKE our Facebook page Ebb+Flow and follow us on Twitter or Instagram @ebbandflowmusic for a few images from our launch party. We will also upload some in the gallery on this site. Please check back our site for updates and info on our future events and gatherings. 


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