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There is a line where the dark fuses with the light, the surreal with the sublime, the graceful with the powerful; it is within this line that Tara Brooks has carved out her truly distinct sound. Whether playing at an intimate club, a dark underground warehouse, a packed festival or a magical sunrise deep in the Burning Man Playa, Tara's music envelopes the crowd, stirring them with deep funky grooves, hypnotic & trippy rhythms, acidy deep techno, soulful, and haunting melodies. Behind the decks, her passion and love for music is contagious.

Struck by the power of the music and the loving vibe of the scene, Tara was destined to be a part of it. Learning on vinyl, Tara picked up her first record in 2007 and hasn't looked back since. With her unique sounds, loving energy and fierce work ethic leading the charge, Tara has played some of the most respected venues, both domestic and abroad including The BPM Festival (Mexico), Katerblau (Berlin) Sisyphos (Berlin), Blue Marlin (Ibiza) Acid Sundays (Ibiza), The Brooklyn Mirage (New York), Flash (DC) DNSOF (Miami), Lightning in a Bottle, Sound (Los Angeles), PublicWorks (SF) and of course a little place she calls Home, Burning Man.

When she's not touring, you can find Tara locked in the studio. Rather then focusing on genre or style, Tara is sonically inspired by personal experience and connection with her environment. Always striving to translate a specific feeling or moment, Tara creates a sound that is all her own: Compelling, sophisticated, haunting and healing, piercing your heart and invigorating your soul.

Whether it's through production or playing, Tara's continued passion for sharing her music knows no bounds. She’s a resident for Desert Hearts and Subtract Music & will be warming up for legend John Digweed, NYE at Output (NY). She’s starting 2018 off right with Rainbow Serpent Festival (AUS), then back for her 3rd year of Envision Festival (Costa Rica). With her original productions, remixes, & podcasts set for release on Kindisch, Exotic Refreshment, Deep House Amsterdam, Electronic Groove, Einmusik’s Ibiza Global Radio, & When We Dip, the future is filled with the light for Tara as she continues to do what she loves her way and always from the heart.


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Cenote | Desert Hearts Records | Faceless Recordings | Under Your Skin Records | Akbal Music | Kindisch

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